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Megan knows arse-all about... — 12.1.2016 by blau
(Holidailies Day 1) (Joining the cavalry.)
it a bad sign that I hadn't logged into my CMS in so long that I had 18 updates today?
Quite Contrary: Negotiation — 06.3.2016 by maryann
We moved across the country, my best friend died, I had a baby... But the latest is a conversation after the kid broke a scale.
Still Waters Run No Mills — 03.16.2016 by planetmort
So, my mother died.
Office Bob: Yeah, I know, it’s been a while… — 03.2.2016 by FXWizard
Sorry for the looooooooong time between entries…it’s not because I don’t love you (okay, some of you I like but don’t love, and others I perhaps love too much) but things have just been cruising at a relatively normal pace so I haven’t had much to say until now.
Still Waters Run No Mills — 02.25.2016 by planetmort
Brief thoughts on the election.
Still Waters Run No Mills — 02.19.2016 by planetmort
Camping, revisited.
Megan knows arse-all about... — 02.18.2016 by blau
(Writing the screenplay to Glitter.) I’d get a million signatures.
Still Waters Run No Mills — 02.17.2016 by planetmort
The pressure to have it all can go suck an egg.
Megan knows arse-all about... — 02.11.2016 by blau
(The subsect.) Most of my cheap-but-drinkable favourites aren't listed or turned out to have big hunks of pork in 'em.
Still Waters Run No Mills — 02.10.2016 by planetmort
Endometriosis sucks.
Still Waters Run No Mills — 02.9.2016 by planetmort
A 9 hour hike, and blisters.
Still Waters Run No Mills — 02.4.2016 by planetmort
Buster is the comeback kid!
Still Waters Run No Mills — 01.14.2016 by planetmort
Sexual harassment in the world of USian astronomy.
Still Waters Run No Mills — 01.5.2016 by planetmort
Buster the old dog's heart is failing.
Chaos Attraction: Hallmark Movie Reviews: Royalty Edition — 12.29.2015 by Jennifer
“I’m more likely to marry Santa Claus than your father.”
CChaos Attraction: Hallmark Movie Reviews: Merry Pre-Matrimony Movies — 12.27.2015 by Jennifer
Dylan drinks Bloody Mary’s behind them and cheerfully watches storm coverage. “How come you’re the only guy in here watching the weather report with a big smile on your face?” Dylan considers this weather a “get out of Christmas free card,” that’s why.
Chaos Attraction: The Lion In Winter — 12.24.2015 by Jennifer
On the other hand, there’s a lot of eavesdropping behind curtains, scheming with the king of France, declarations of treason, attempted murders, people getting thrown into the basement jail and romantic betrayal. Happy holidays, y’all!
Chaos Attraction: A Star Wars For The Rest Of Us — 12.24.2015 by Jennifer
I wore my Festivus shirt today, but wore it over my humping reindeer sweater...and then went around pulling up the shirt and flashing humping reindeer at my coworkers.
Chaos Attraction: Humping Reindeer Sweater — 12.23.2015 by Jennifer
And yet wearing a sweater with a dead woman on it is acceptable at work, Jennifer? Well, odds are people can’t figure out she’s dead, but everyone can figure out humping reindeer…
Chaos Attraction: Dreich Day — 12.21.2015 by Jennifer
Anyway, it’s the darkest day of the year and soaking wet to boot and I am cranky pants and I was all excited that my Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer sweater got here in time...and they sent me the wrong one. WHINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.
Chaos Attraction: The Nutcracker — 12.20.2015 by Jennifer
“Huh, I didn’t remember that that Tammy’s kids have the same name as my cousin Tammy’s kids....that’s a weird coincidence...” You get where this was going, right?
Chaos Attraction: Dickens Fair 2 — 12.20.2015 by Jennifer
Have you heard of a jackalope circus? No. Why not? Turned out to be a terrible idea--the jackalopes ran each other through with their horns on the trapeze and in the clown car, and during the lion taming act, caused the lion to vomit.
Chaos Attraction: Hallmark Movie Review: Ice Sculpture Christmas — 12.18.2015 by Jennifer
AND THEN THEY BREAK THE SCULPTURE BY DOING A HIGH FIVE OVER IT. Participant trophies for all! “If it had been a Venus de Milo contest, we would have had a shot.”
Chaos Attraction: Oops! I Made A Mistake! — 12.17.2015 by Jennifer
Let's say that oh, 12 to 50 to 100 times in a day, someone comes over, throws up in my bed, goes, "Oops! I made a mistake! Can you fix it?" and skips away.
Chaos Attraction: Hallmark Movie Review: Let It Snow — 12.16.2015 by Jennifer
Still Waters Run No Mills — 12.16.2015 by planetmort
Who knew it could be so hard to get a skinny dog to eat?
Chaos Attraction: Angry Bird — 12.15.2015 by Jennifer
Really, the best moves in this game are stealing something you want from someone who doesn’t want it, and hopefully nobody else wants it either! Plus you don't feel like an asshole!
Still Waters Run No Mills — 12.15.2015 by planetmort
I've got no words for the news these days.
Chaos Attraction: Holiday Bling Season — 12.15.2015 by Jennifer
And finally, I have been eyeing this Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer sweater (THIS EXISTS!!!!!!!)...
Chaos Attraction: Reduced Shakespeare Company Christmas Show — 12.13.2015 by Jennifer
They are not kidding when they say “commercialization saved Christmas.”
Chaos Attraction: Last Minute Gift Making — 12.13.2015 by Jennifer
While looking through my jewelry stash, I found the supplies I’d bought for this cross stitch and then was all LAST MINUTE PRESENT MAKING TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME.
Not Travelling At Speed: Everything is not yet wonderful — 12.12.2015 by kju
I currently have the heightened ability to break myself again, by doing something spectacularly dumb, or forgetful. That thought is a bit paralysing, and sparks some serious paranoia and hypochondria – I feel like I’ve been more aware of soreness and muscle aches post-parkrun today than I have in weeks.
Chaos Attraction: Daddy Long Legs — 12.11.2015 by Jennifer
Anyway, I couldn’t help but wonder how the hell this was going to work as a musical. It’s a one-sided epistolary novel, so how would you do it?
Still Waters Run No Mills — 12.11.2015 by planetmort
Deep thoughts on heavy inspired by a very not-deep TV show.
Chaos Attraction: Get On Board The Hamiltrain — 12.10.2015 by Jennifer
Seriously, I kinda can't think about anything else other than Hamilton, and a lot of other people are having the same problem.
Chaos Attraction: Making The Wrong Choices — 12.10.2015 by Jennifer
I made my decisions in the best way I could at the time with VERY partial information, and yet they all turned out to be wrong.
Chaos Attraction: The Idiot Tax — 12.8.2015 by Jennifer
I told my apartment manager that given how the day’s going, I am just going to stay in my apartment, not do anything, and DRINK.
Chaos Attraction: Mouse-Con and Sarah Vowell — 12.8.2015 by Jennifer
“If you’re ever gonna write a Garfield chapter, you’re gonna have to pump up some flava.” — 12.6.2015 by Jennifer
This is probably all because plots boil down to “problem, solve it! or fail at it and problem gets worse! repeat until finally solved!” and I suck at problem solving in real life.
Giving them what they don't want. — 12.6.2015 by blau
They took something from him that he didn’t have nor deserve. Seems a (sadly) familiar motivation.
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