by sugarbiscuit | 02.28.2003

She touched me at a time I could not stand to be touched. She made me
laugh when I could barely find the strength to smile.

You see, as Laurie fought her battle bravely online, I was losing my
sister to the same disease... she passed on October 19th. I had already
lost my other sister to it two years prior. I couldn't contribute much
to the threads other than reading them and hoping against hope she was
the one that could beat it. My heart mourns for them all.

I had no hope, no faith... but watching the Laurie love spread around
was very comforting. I've been around awhile, but hadn't posted much in
the past year. I just snuck in and watched this great community support
her. I yearned to join in, but couldn't find the extra energy to sink
into it - even though I wanted to. I've lost so much, so recently, to
this killer I just couldn't fight anymore - but watching her - and the
ass-kicking brigade fight back was a source of strength in my sorrow.

My hat goes off and my heart reaches out to all of you that stood by
her and gave her hope. You gave me a small measure of hope along the
way as well.

Thank you 3WA.