by Rozane | 02.26.2003

For days I've been wandering around and doing things in Laurie's name. I contributed to the grocery store fund to battle MS on behalf of "Laurie." I contributed to the Diabetes Foundation on behalf of "My Friend Laurie." I contributed to the American Cancer Society on behalf of "Laurie in Texa.s" I "bought" 4 candy bars from my chiropractor's playschool, but decided that we didn't need the candy in the house (by the way, Laurie, you have 4 links on the playschool's swing set that will be named after you). We finally got a check out to our friend Donna, who will be riding in the AIDS ride this summer - all for Laurie. I'm sure that we will contribute to the pups on your behalf and naturally, will support 3WA.

I still feel like you're right *here,* Laurie. Please stay close for a little while longer, okay?

love & stuff, rodotmoe