by rodotmoe | 09.01.2002

After Nick found ThreeWay Action through one of the anonymous journals that I discovered quite by accident Bitter Hag, he would tell me, day after day, "You HAVE to check 3WA out! This is a great board! And people know how to SPELL!" I clicked, I read, I joined.

I hadn't been with 3WA very long, I wasn't even a lurker. I just jumped right into whatever thread struck my fancy. I was amazed that it was so much NOT like the Wazoo! Boards, in that it was so categorized and neat! People were generally very, very, nice, polite & kind to each other, and there were a whole bunch of folks, too, from all around the world.

One of the threads I was attracted to was the Family & Friends thread. I was thrilled to read that other people having the very same types of dysfunctional relationships with family members, in-laws, family members of significant others. Aaah, this was my home away from home. I could spell "dysfunctional" in ONE note, or in this one particular post, that I unfortunately did not have the honor, or shall I say dishonor of writing:

"Don't mind me. I'm just peein'."

Honest to G*D, if I could have flown to where Laurie was at that moment, I first would have had to hug her, then I would have had to pee (using the proper facilities). I laughed for DAYS when I just thought about the whole scenario about walking into a kitchen and finding an old, bitter, angry woman, peeing in a coffee can, like it was an everyday thing.

I later found out that it WAS an everyday thing, which of course, made me laugh all over again. Yep, I caught myself laughing when I heard myself tinkle at work (in a toilet stall, people). Laughing in the middle of an extremely boring meeting.

Laughing in rush hour. Laughing in a store (another reason why I hate shopping). Just breaking out into laughter at the complete and utter absurdity of walking in on someone doing something completely natural-- except for the inappropriate setting of said natural act.

The hardest laughter I ever shared with any person was when I called up Laurie a few months ago and we were just chatting about this and that, and I heard her say, "Don't mind me. I'm just peein'." It got me going again. Now when I replay that statement, it is in Laurie's voice followed by the echoed laughter we share about that whole "coffee can hanging in a plastic bag attached to the handle of a walker."

Life can be hard, or life can be less hard-- it all depends on your point of view and of course, which side of the bathroom door you are standing on when nature calls.

Laurie taught me funny, kitchen humor. I heart her very, very much.