by Poodle | 09.27.2002


A mother and her child are reading a book.

"Mama, why do you look sad?" "Honey, a friend of mine is sick and I'm worried about her." "Can she go to Dr. Phyllis?" "She lives a long ways away, sweet, but she has good doctors that are helping her."

A mother and her child are taking a walk.

"Mama, look, what is it? Is it a mouse?" "That's a shrew, baby, don't touch it, see it has a short stubby little tail. It looks like it's dead, poor thing." "Did a car run over it?" "I don't know, honey, sometimes things just die because they are old or sick, the circle of life, remember?" "Can we take it to the animal doctor?" "No, honey, it's too late, how about if I put it in the bushes instead of leaving it here on the street, would that be okay?" "Mmm-hmmm. Mama, will your sick friend die?" "Everything that lives dies, but she has good doctors and friends that are helping her so I think she'll be healthy again."

A mother is tucking in her child.

"Mama, what's your friend's name?" "It's Laurie, sweet, isn't that a nice name? Love you, baby, night night." "One more hug." "Okay, sweet dreams now."

A mother is making dinner.

"Mama, can I draw a picture for your friend?" "That would be lovely sweetheart."

A mother is clearing the table.

"Look, Mama!" "Tell me about your picture, baby." "It's your friend, what's her name?, and she's standing on grass and there's a rainbow!" "It's beautiful, should we mail it to her?" "Yes!"

A mother is checking email.

"Mama, can I see a picture of your friend Laurie?" "Sure honey. She has no hair right now because her special medicine made it fall out so don't be surprised." "Mama, that's scary! I don't want to see her with no hair!" "Baby, is hair important?" "No Mama, what's in your heart is important." "That's right. You tell me when you're ready to look."

A mother is giving her child a bath.

"Stand up, let's get you all sweet and clean." "Mama, I want to see a picture of your friend Laurie." "Okay, sweetheart, after we get your jammies on."

A mother has her child on her lap.

"See honey? That's Laurie. She looks happy, doesn't she." "Mama, Laurie's pretty." "Yes she is, love."