Untitled Free Verse
By Laurie Gronlund, 1989

I am a tapestry of all the people
Who have touched my life.
Good or bad, they've given me something
And I hope that I've given in return.

Rainbow people, in pastel hues,
Lend me their calm tranquility,
Their love of all things that the sun
Kisses with golden hand.
People of vibrant purples and reds
Offer passion and conviction in their beliefs and causes.

So many different colored threads to be woven,
Day by day and warp by warp.
I hope when my work is finally over
And I can show the end result,
That I have done justice to you all
And the wonderful gifts you've given me.

Laura Lynn Gronlund
1964 - 2003

Laurie passed away on February 25, 2003, at 6:30AM CST in Grapevine, TX after a brave battle with cancer which lasted more than two years.

Born May 13, 1964, in Chicago, Ill., Laurie enjoyed reading, writing, watching hockey and big, slobbery dogs. She was a "good egg" whose life was an adventure she always cherished. Whether up or down, Laurie tackled life with a genuine passion and a multi-faceted sense of humor, which she always held dear. Her father, Ralph Gronlund, preceded her in death in 1992.

Survivors: Daughter, Rachel Lohenry; mother, Mary Salerno; sister, Karen Gronlund; brother, Christopher Gronlund and sister-in-law, Cynthia Griffith; stepbrother, Jeff Ashley and her boyfriend, Sean Andrews; and countless family and friends scattered around the globe.

Obituary published in the Star-Telegram on 2/27/2003

Laurie asked that, in lieu of flowers, contributions be made to

Great Dane Rescue of North Texas
P.O. Box 40425
Ft. Worth TX 76140-0425

From the Great Dane Rescue web site:
Shania is under our protective custody and came in with 7 other dogs due to owner cruelty and neglect (which we are hoping will be prosecuted). Her brother died due to severe illness. She currently needs $250 for an ultrasound and $350 to treat severe infestation of heartworms for a total of $600. Collected $265 so far. Note: Donations in memory of Laurie Gronlund are being applied to help Shania.


Unity Church of Northeast Tarrant County
Tree of Life Foundation
P.O. Box 667
Grapevine TX 76099

A note from Laurie's mother, Mary:

To everyone who ever had a good wish for her;
To everyone who sent her cards;
To everyone who rooted for her;
To everyone who gave her a hard time about the Stars;
To everyone who saw her humor and her beauty;
To everyone who sent her gifts;
To the two who visited in person and those who visited in spirit;
To everyone who contributed to The Danes;
To everyone who will miss her like crazy.......
Thank you.

I've told you many times how much you meant to her. When her life became chemo and radiation and she lost contact with so many physical friends, you stepped up and became her very real friends, her family. She rejoiced with you, she shared your sorrows. She talked about you as if you she saw you daily, because she did. Her excitement over finding just the right gifts for her secret pals, just the right holiday cards for the card exchange was huge. I believe she was filled with more fun writing her cards and mailing them than she was with our family gift exchange.

I believe the reason she could feel so close to all of you, and you to her, is on a spirit level there is no time or distance and that's the level on which you were communicating. Taking that thought a step further, even though her physical body is no longer with us, her spirit is and communication doesn't have to end, it just has to adjust. My job now is to learn how to "be" without having her to laugh with, to argue with, to wonder at, to worry over. It's a hard job, indeed. But, on a clear night, I can still point out the "silver slipper" moon she loved so well and so can you.

With love and admiration,

In Memoriam:

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The Moes had sponsored a memorial guestbook
for Laurie to March 2004. An anonymous donor has extended the guestbook to 2005. Belle extended through 2006. Poodle has permanently sponsored the guestbook.

The Secret Pal Entries written for Laurie:

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