by Chickie | 09.28.2002

So, I've been trying to write this since the beginning of September. Before, even, when I got the request from Laurie's Secret Pal to participate in making September a Super Secret Pal month for Laurie.

I don't know what to write. Somehow, I always manage to make words come out of my mouth without much thought - much to my dismay, on occasion - and I can talk smack in chat with the best of them. But that's reactive, unfiltered, top-of-my-head randomness. To write something direct, with purpose, for a reason - that's *hard*. I can do it for school - take a legal issue and pick it apart, piece by piece. But emotion? Feeling? No way. There is no way this is going to end up conveying how I really feel...

What can I say about Laurie that hasn't already been said? She's incredibly brave, even when she is most afraid, even when we are most afraid for her. I've been lucky enough to spend a few days with her, and the ... peace ... that surrounds her is beyond description. She was tired and achey and sick of being sick, I could tell. But still, Laurie and her family welcomed me into their home. I left feeling like I'd received more from them than I had been able to offer during my visit. The peace, love and hope in that house is astonishing.

Laurie, here's my wish for you: that you always have the peace I know you've worked so hard to achieve. That you have the strength of spirit that has brought you so far. That the love you give all of us every day come back to you tenfold. And that you continue to sail your own ship, and determine your own destiny.

I love you, sweetheart. We all do.